Updating Python in Zorin OS Lite

Is it safe to update python from 3.8 to 3.12 in Zorin OS Lite? If yes, How can I update it?

No, it's not safe to do so. It will highly break your system.

You can have multiple versions of Python installed, just make sure you don't remove or update the default one. There's also the option to run Docker which is much safer and easier.

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As @Storm, it can be a dangerous thing if not done carefully and you can break Zorin OS.
@zenzen outlines that it can be safely done however, as long as it is properly done without removing the essential version of Python.

Have you tested Zorin OS 17, yet?
Using Zorin OS 17 may help resolve the python issue - I prefer Zorin OS Lite and can wait for it... But a user can install XFCE on Zorin OS 17 Core

sudo apt install xfce4

to get some of Lite functionality while awaiting the release of Zorin 17 Lite.

Thank you

No, I haven't tried Zorin OS 17. I installed lite version because I am currently on a low end laptop. I might have to wait for Zorin os 17 lite.