Updating to kernel version 5.13

My laptop is a zephyrus m16, and I use zorin os 16 core.
Unfortunately, my laptop's wifi and bluetooth does not work. After a bit of searching, my wifi card, which is a MEDIATEK 7961 turns out to be supported after kernel 5.12+.
So, I want to update my kernel version to 5.13. Are there any instructions that I can follow? I'm a beginner to linux :slight_smile:


I don't know i would advise this. You may run into many issues. The DE and WM are configured to work well with the current version of the kernel (4.11.41). Going that far ahead may break things, cause applications to stop working, memory leaks and many other possibilities.

You may be able to upgrade the firmware instead of the entire kernel. Other possibilities are searching the device specific drivers for Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS).

Since there were a few bugs that weren't ironed out between kernel 27 and 40, you may run into many more. Be careful in going beyond the kernel provided for the OS... the Zorin's have tested and ensured stability (mostly) with their updates.


In addition to @337harvey 's comment, vetted kernels for either Ubuntu or Zorin OS have distro specific patches that you will find are lacking in the mainline Linux kernel.

4.11? I just did an update (from GUI Software Updates app) and it installed the 5.13. How is this possible?

Zorin OS now includes the 5.13 HWE package, which I also just discovered today...
That is the Hardware Enabled Linux-headers package.


well my uname -r actually states


is this a hwe release?

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@StarTreker will be pleased...

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Yes please, I'd like that, with a little hot sauce on top. :yum:

I literally just got the notification a couple minutes ago, so I am installing them now. But I don't feel like restarting right away, cause I am busy with photo production right now, you guys will soon see the results of that BTW.

When I do finally feel like restarting, I will let you guys know how it all went, along with a new screenfetch. 5.13 is the magical kernel that is going to make so many Framework notebook owners so very happy!

And since I got to know how delicious the 5.13 kernel was during my time with POP OS 21.04, I can tell you right now, if you got a modern machine, you will appreciate having it on Zorin OS.

Thanks Aravisian :grin:


Now running 5.13.0-25...came down with the latest update. Seems stable. Now I have to try and break things. :smiley: I'm not expecting issues (usually don't have any on these updates) but you never know.

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Wow! That's great....I received the update too.

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I hope it keeps you bubbly happy like it does me. :purple_heart: :blush:

Ooooooo, I just noticed it says your volunteer tech support now, that means I get to ask you lost of questions! Just kidding, I made you think though didn't I? HAHA. Hope you like the position.

Just remember, its not easy, try not to take that tag too seriously, don't let it make you feel completely obligated. Take things at your own pace, and you might just do better then I.

Alright, start your engines, 5.13 kernel loaded into Mr. Fusion, cause once I get this baby to 88 miles per hour, your gonna see some serious shikernels popping out the back of the muffler.

Honk honk, coming through. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :grin:

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I wanted the title to be "Volunteer" instead of "Volunteer Tech Support" but there seems to be no way to do that.

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I noticed a major improvement in boot speed since 5.13. Is it only me?

This is strange!

After two kernel updates now, my system continues to use the older 5.11.41 kernel!

I just restarted, and then ran both screenfetch and a uname -a, and they both confirm I am running on kernel 5.11.41.

Now I have to try and figure out how to force my system to use the updated 5.13 kernel, cause I don't remember how to do that. Usually when my system gets a kernel update, it switches to it, but it hasn't been doing that lately for some reason.

@AZorin @zorink I am unable to get GRUB to list any newer kernel beyond 5.11.41. And thus I am unable to use the 5.13 kernel. Please read the following posts below, to get updates on everything I tried to fix this to no avail.

Check if you have an apt hold

apt-mark showhold

Check that the newer kernel is installed:

dpkg --list | grep linux-image

Check grub:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Ensure that grub default is set to 0: GRUB_DEFAULT=0

You can boot from advanced options for Zorin to choose which kernel to boot from.

I confirmed 5.13 is installed by checking list of installed kernels. When I ran apt hold command, it listed nothing. Grub options are set correctly.

I rebooted into grub and I took this snapshot real quick to post to the forum, while I reboot into the system again.

Just in case, try

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Then remove the 5.11.0-40 kernel.
Once done

sudo update-grub

Reboot and test...

I ran those commands above, and here is where I am at now, with this situation.

List of installed kernels...

Screenshot from 2022-01-19 13-59-34

Synaptic Package Manager confirmation...

After running the update and upgrade commands, the GRUB menu is still only showing options for the 5.11 kernel, no sense taking a new pic since its exactly the same as before.

Running your command for listing installed kernels...

Here are the GRUB options as they are now...

At the end of the day, the GRUB menu refuses to list the new installed kernel, I don't know what is going on. I don't know if its something I am doing wrong, or there is something wrong with the OS.

uname -a

Did you run

sudo update-grub