Updating to Zorin OS 17

Hello, I am having this problem while trying to update Zorin OS. Can't debug as I don't know which command the updater runs

[CHECKING] Started
[CHECKING:Validating Upgrade Attempt] Started
[CHECKING:Validating Upgrade Attempt] Completed
[CHECKING:Checking Filesystem] Started
[CHECKING:Checking Filesystem] Completed
[CHECKING:Restarting Apt] Started
[CHECKING:Restarting Apt] Completed
[CHECKING:Simulating Flatpak Transaction] Started
[CHECKING:Simulating Flatpak Transaction] Completed
[CHECKING:Processing Apt Repos] Started
[CHECKING:Processing Apt Repos] Completed
[CHECKING:Updating Apt Repos] Started
[CHECKING:Updating Apt Repos] Completed
[CHECKING:Calculating Upgradeable Packages] Started
[CHECKING:Calculating Upgradeable Packages] Completed
[CHECKING:Simulating Apt Transaction] Started
[CHECKING:Simulating Apt Transaction] Fatal Error: { GDBus.Error:org.debian.apt.TransactionFailed: error-dep-resolution-failed: The following packages have unmet dependencies:

zorin-os-desktop:  }
[CHECKING:Simulating Apt Transaction] Failed
[CHECKING:Restoring System] Started
[CHECKING:Restoring System] Completed

It looks like You have a Problem with Dependencies from zorin-os-desktop. Maybe You could try to reinstall it and then run the Upgrade. To reinstall type the following command in the Terminal:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

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That didn't work sadly and not using KDE (or anything else), will reinstall the desktop. Thanks anyways

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