Upgrade any version to ZorinOS 16

I switch to ZorinOS from Ubuntu, everything work perfect, but I'm not sure how Zorin deals with upgrade to new release (future ZorinOS 17) do-release-upgrade is disabled. Is there any other option without fresh installation ?
If I will be using a paid version, do I have to pay for all future upgrades ?

Currently, Zorin OS does not offer the Direct Upgrade Option. This is in development and the ZorinGroup hopes to release it soon.
As it is today, a fresh installation is necessary.

Generally, yes. If you buy a 2014 Mazda Miata, you do not get to "upgrade" to the 2021 Mazda Miata without buying it.


Ok, thanks, but U should not compare software to cars.

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It is a valid comparison.

Some software offers itself for "free".
Any person must remain aware of hidden costs.

For developers to work - they must be paid.

Zorin OS does not take your data. It does not include spyware. It does not sell your data.

To support development, Zorin OS offers a Pro Version in addition to the many no-cost versions available.
This is the way that the Zorin OS Developers get paid for their time and work.
No one is entitled to take it for free.

Importantly, Zorin OS comes with a variety of no-cost options that are 100% usable and functional Operating Systems with everything that you need.


I don't want to talk about Zorin "pay for OpenSource" this is controversial for me, I just want to know how they deal with upgrades.
There is no information on Zorin webpage about what I get for my money. Nobody says is this one-time payment or subscription... etc. Now I know, thx.

Point releases are included with choosing Pro and are included in the free versions.

Each major (non-point) release that currently requires Re-installation of the Operating system to upgrade is a separate purchase of Zorin OS Pro.

Please review here to see what you get with Pro:

From the Zorin OS webpage:

Will I get access to future updates of Zorin OS Pro?
The purchase will give you access to Zorin OS 16 Pro as well as future updates within the 16 release series, such as upcoming point releases. Zorin OS 17 Pro will need to be purchased separately when it will be released in the future. We will continue to support Zorin OS 16 with software updates until at least April 2025, and you will be able to use Zorin OS 16 Pro for life.

I miss that, sorry.

If I had a nickel every time I missed seeing something I was looking for, even when it was right in front of me... I'd be rich.


I don't plan to go nuts with modifications so a fresh install would be no biggy. Just have to install Tweaks, Input Remapper, a clipboard app, Chrome and change a few Chrome settings.

One thing I have to do is figure out how to move the Home folder off my SSD and onto my HDD. They should make that an option during install.

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