Upgrade asking for a Support Code?

Hello! I'm trying to upgrade from 16 pro to 17 pro, but the installer is asking for the email and support code associated with the purchase. I didn't receive a support code...
It says there's a discount available for those who have purchased before, but how is this accessed? Do I need to request a support code?

Your code should be in the E-mail you got when purchasing Pro 17.

But I didn't. I purchased 16. I know the upgrade is paid, but do I pay as part of the upgrade process, or do I pay first and then upgrade? How do I get the discount?

When did you purchase 16?

It was about a year and a half ago. December '22.

Then you need to purchase 17. You can't upgrade 16 to 17 for free. Only point releases are free like 17.1. 17.2 17.3.

I think if you use the same email address you used for purchasing 16 you get a discount. But I'm not sure.

@AZorin can you chip in?

I expected to pay, I just don't understand where. I'll just use the portal on the website, and maybe they'll send me a code. Thank you!

I have marked the thread so the devs sees it, they might shine some light on it with the discount.