Upgrade Bad Mistake

Hey guys i thought the upgrade function was available.

After doing the Release Upgrade from 15.3 now its a mix from LTS 20.04 and 16.

That was a bad mistake now my Gnome is broken i reinstalled Zorin Desktop from cdrom but now i can only boot to classic xfce4. Is there any solution to fix this?

Backup data files. Install new Zorin.

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Another Reddit misinformation victim?

Actually if you can tell us where you got this information we can add the link here in the forum to warn other members.

Unfortunately there is no fix for this other than re-intallation as @Bourne said.


Possibly. However, I have noticed that some users have noted getting a popup offering to "upgrade" to Ubuntu 20.04. This should not happen since the upgrade-release file in Zorin OS is set to "never." It is concerning.
The clue here is that it is offering Ubuntu 20.04, not Zorin OS 16.


Ubuntu virus alert!


Yeah, I wouldn't trust any instructions whatsoever if it came from Reddit, a known website of untrusted and toxic folks. If the upgrade function had been released, you would have been notified about it on the forum, and or, info on it, would be on the Zorin website.

I am going to have to agree with Bourne here. Backup your data, and then install Zorin OS 16.


Since OP did not reply to us - I suspect he is at the process of re-installation, I did a quick search on the net.
(Since Duck is down I was reduced to use G :eyes:gle)

(good, Google got a wrong location for me)

I added the first result I saw in the Wall of Shame thread to caution members.


Before you want broken a Zorin always better asking someone here on forum or discord.


Reddit many ideas but never know which one will be working. :slight_smile:


Just like a advise by a physician, it is better to seek a second or even a third opinion before issuing unnkown commands.


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