Upgrade form Zorin Lite to Core

Is it possible to upgrade from Lite to Core, or is a new install required.
I tried out Lite on a low powered home entertainment centre it work good, I would like to use Zorin Connect however that is only available on core and not lite.

Have you tried KDE Connect. That is available to users of Zorin Lite and some regard it as the better option. See here: Zorin Connect the easy method - #3 by swarfendor437


Does Pro Lite have Zorin connect?

Thanks. Didn't know it was there.

Nope, Xfce version's don't have Zorin connect. Zorin connect is a Gnome extension that work only in gnome

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Zorin Lite editions including Pro Lite with XFCE DE, do not have Zorin Connect, but you can use KDE Connect instead.


BTW, to answer this question. They are different, XFCE / Gnome, so you would have to do a fresh install. Can't upgrade.
Zorin Connect basically is KDE Connect.

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