Upgrade from 16.3 Pro to 17 Pro via USB

Hello there,

is there a way to upgrade my 16.3 Pro installation to 17.0 Pro via USB ? In the installation guide, installation via USB is always a full installation, I think ?

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Via USB you would be doing a fresh installation of Z17, not an upgrade of Z16.3 to Z17.
If you do that, back up all your /home partition content (personal files etc) first.


Thank you. Is there another possibility to upgrade without using internet ?

Yes, you can perform the upgrade offline using the LiveUSB, However, it is quite tricky.
You must mount your existing Zorin OS partition while in the Live Trial of Zorin OS on USB. Then specify the partition you wish to upgrade. In the terminal, it would be the -d flag, but I am not sure on the GUI.

Importantly, I have not tested this. It is not something I would recommend attempting without testing.


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