Upgrade From 16 to 17 some extensions not works


I upgrade the zorin without any issue. (until now) but I find some extensions that not work with this version.

Other thing that appear strange is the menu. (with a scroll)

Is not a problem of Zorin but gnome, just to people know that this will not work.
Im search for new extensions like prime if some one know, please share it


From Your Screenshot it looks like these Exensions are incompatible with the Z17 Gnome Version (Gnome 43). On Zorin 16 it was Gnome 3.36 or 3.38.

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I don't think this one has a compatible version for ZorinOS 17:




I see one of them is compatible

but not appear on gnome extension app

I will try to find some one similar to prime.

Sound input i see its compatible need to check how to install

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For your Weather Thing: Maybe The Extensions ''Weather or Not'' or ''Weather O'Clock'' could be something.

They appear after a fresh install, no need any extensions on weather

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From sound input I see that Gnome 43 have this build in. But i cant see on Zorin 17.

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