Upgrade from Core 16.2 to Pro ? New installation required?

I like Core enough to go for Pro but am curious if Pro needs a fresh install or can Core be upgraded to Pro while my current settings are retained?

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The direct upgrade option is not available at the moment, it is currently in development. A new install would be required.


Thanks, such an option would certainly be very useful - no doubt some trying Core would like to pay for the upgrade but they've spent so much time configuring Core they may not want to have to install Pro from scratch and configure their setup again.


I can second that, again going thru the whole process is a real „pro killer“ for someone like me…


I certainly agree, and I know that they are working on adding that, as well as version upgradability like 15 to 17 ect. And it is a feature many are looking forward too.

If you do decide to upgrade I have had success using deja-dup to make a full user profile backup , then doing a fresh install and restoring my data.

Just to be clear the pro version contains extra desktop layouts and pre-installed applications. There's no extra functionality or superior features in the os. But the purchase does go towards fueling ZornOS project development. And with the paid for pro you also get direct support from the developers.

So there are benefits to having the pro version but the core version works just as well.

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