Upgrade from version 15 to 17

Hi I bought Zorin 17 as the website said you can upgrade from 15 to 17. Then I read in the posts that isnt possible. Then i go to the upgrade zorin menu and it only has upgrade to 16.3Pro. I tried using my 17 key but it wont let me upgrade. Surely i dont need to buy 16.3 pro to upgrade to 17? Is there a key that I can upgrade to 16 , then use my 17 key to upgrade? Thanks for any help.

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You could do the Following: You update from 15 to 16 then from 16 to 17Pro. If that shouldn't go You could go 15=>16=>17 and from 17 to 17 Pro.

Or You save Your Data and make a fresh install from 17 Pro.

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As you are a Pro user, you can contact the ZorinGroup directly for Installation Support.

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