Upgrade from Win10/Z15 dual boot


It's been a few years since I installed Zorin 15 on a Windows 10 machine, setting things up so I can dual boot on it. I know I ran into issues but can't remember exactly what it was or how I got around them... so I figured I'll ask here before I attempt to do anything.

What I'd like to do is upgrade Zorin from 15 to 16. I suppose upgrade isn't really the right word, since essentially I'll be the doing the same as if I were to install any other Linux distro?

So I'd like to ask, are there any considerations regarding this? Would I need to tweak with the BIOS/UEFI (I'm almost sure it has UEFI), bootloader, etc., or is this handled by the installer?


The installer should handle most things without incident.
But this doesn't mean that there will be no troubleshooting. It is very hard to know this ahead of time.
What you will need to do is back up all personal data and double check those back ups.
I recommend avoiding any back up method that encrypts the data if you can avoid it. It is a lot easier to access compressed backup up data after transfer if there is no encryption where the key may have gotten lost.
Run the LiveUSB or LiveDisk for Zorin OS and run gparted -or- run the installer and choose the "Something Else" option once you reach the screen that offers it with "Install Zorin alongside..."
Either method will get you to the same screen: The Gparted Partition Manager.
Select the Zorin 15 partition and then click the (-) button to delete the partition marker.
This will now become "free" space. Click on that free space and click the (+) button to add a new partition marker.
You can then select the formatting, be sure to set / for root...
Ext4 Journaling is recommended.

You should then be able to proceed to the rest of the installation following the prompts and here's hoping that no additional troubleshooting is needed.
But if you run into something that needs a BIOS / EFI setting adjustment, we could only find that out and what it needs by trying.


You may want to head over to the tutorials category which has a topic of how to partition and install zorin 16.

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Thanks, that doesn't sound too complicated but I really wanted to make sure. I went now manually looking for that guide and found it... I tried some pretty vague search terms earlier :sweat_smile:

I tend to keep backups of individual files on that machine, on both W10 and Z15, so I should be able to get things back in case something goes wrong. Although using Rescuezilla seems like a good idea, it should work even with dual boot right?

Yes. It won't matter what OS"s you have installed, it will backup and restore your drive either way, since it runs from a live image itself.

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