Upgrade from Zorin 16.3 CORE to 16.3 Lite or 17.1 Lite?

Hello everyone,
I am using Zorin 16.3 CORE on a mid-2009 Macbook with a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 8GB (two 4GB SO-DIMMs) of 1066MHz DDR3 memory.
Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that the laptop is getting slower and the FAN is running high. I think this is due to the regular OS updates (which is good).
My problem is that the laptop is now too slow even when I am just using a web browser (FF and/or BRAVE) with several windows open at the same time and no other applications.

I tried to migrate to Zorin 17.1 a year ago, but observed many problems (see my previous post in this forum), so I downgraded back to 16.3 CORE. Since then, many issues may have been fixed and I am wondering if I should try 17.1 CORE again...

In terms of resource consumption, is it better to use 16.3 CORE or 17.1 CORE?

Do you know if it is possible to upgrade from 16.3 CORE to 16.3 LITE or 17.1 LITE without a scratch install?

Do you know which is the best Zorin configuration for an old PC : 16.3 Lite or 17.1 Lite ?

Is there another OS that uses less hardware resources?
I have seen Xubuntu or Lubuntu, but is there a big difference compared to Zorin CORE 16.3 or LITE?

Thanks for your help !

More software installed wouldn't necessarily result in higher resource consumption; this happens when the computer is doing more work. Perhaps something you have installed is running in the background without you knowing? Some programs also try to stay in sync with online-based services, which can increase resource consumption.
Although to be fair, it'd still take quite a few background processes running for this to become an issue. In any case, try to keep an eye on the System Monitor and see which programs are running, as well as which ones are using more resources. You might discover some unusual ones that shouldn't be active.

Another explanation for bad performance and increased fan activity is heat. Try to open the computer and clean it from the inside, remove all dust with compressed air, clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol and apply some thermal paste to the processor.

I don't remember exactly but when you run the upgrader, you are first prompted to select which type of upgrade you want. You can see which options are available before actually upgrading.

Regarding performance, I would say Zorin OS 17 is better. However, the difference is not that big that it would explain the current issues you're having. Try to clean the computer first – it's a good thing to do from time to time anyway – and then you can upgrade; a fresh install usually solves a lot of problems, so I would prefer that instead of using the upgrader tool.

There are plenty of choices here although you would still have to try them yourself to make sure they are indeed better for you. Linux Lite, MX Linux, Bodhi Linux and probably a dozen others.

The main difference would be the customization layer that Zorin OS provides to make things look more polished and whatnot. To be a little more precise, Xubuntu and Lubuntu use a different desktop environment, XFCE and LXQT, respectively. They are notorious for being lightweight. Zorin OS Lite uses XFCE as well.

There's also the matter of default installed software and some other under the hood changes, like kernel versions. The best way to find out if it's for you is to try them out.


You could install the Zorin 16.3 Lite Desktop in this Case. To do that open the Terminal and type sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop

When you install the Lite Desktop the Core Desktop will not be deleted.

In general I would think that the Lite Desktop (xfce) is for an older Machine a bette Choice.

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Have you checked size of your logs? If big, maybe prune them.
See: System optimization on Zorin/Linux ...? - #9 by zabadabadoo

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Good idea. After checking:
"Archived and active journals take up 968.1M in the file system."

It looks acceptable I think even if I could reduce to 100M as per your suggestion.

OK, thank you. But it is not fully clear to me: the OS will run the CORE or the LITE version ?
How can I switch from CORE to LITE ? Can I remove the CORE after the LITE installation ?

thanks for you help !

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I think I understand the procedure: I tried the following command as per your recommendation:

And after I reboot, it is unbelievable !!!!!
The old Macbook is now very fast. Tests are still ongoin but it looks good up to now.
On top of that, I see that I can upgrade to 17.1 LITE !

Thank you very much Ponce-De-Leon !

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Good, that it works for You. Yes, Upgrade is only from Lite to Lite, Core to Core or from Core/Lite to Pro possible as far as I know.

Both is installed, but only the chose One runs.

That You can do it on the Login Screen.

Yes, you can remove it. But I highly recommend to do that first when You have tested Your System with Lite. If You want to remove the Core Desktop, open the Terminal and type:

sudo apt purge zorin-os-desktop gdm3

That Command will delete the Zorin Core Desktop and the GDM Login Screen (That is the default Login Screen from the Core Desktop). But please only delete the GDM Login Screen when You use the Zorin Lite Login Screen SDDM. If You should prefer the GDM Login Screen You can keep and use them. Then only type:

sudo apt purge zorin-os-desktop

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Hello everyone :wink:
I would like to give you some feedback:
I have upgraded to 17.1 Lite and am very happy!
The laptop is stable and much faster than with Core 16.3.
XFCE is very good, for me even better than GNOME because very simple and nice...
I think I will keep this version for the moment :blush: