Upgrade gcc to version 13.1

Hello brothers ....
how can I upgrade gcc on zorin os 16.2 to gcc 13.1

What are you trying to achieve with it?
You can't upgrade gcc without breaking the system. You could try compile the source codes of gcc (but you would properly run into depnedency problems) and run it locally.

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just to upgrade it , I use the version 9.4 here on Zorin o.s 16.2
and it is ok
as you said it ain't possible so I will stick with the old version
thank you Storm

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No problem. Better to ask if in doubt. :slight_smile:

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sorry please allow me to ask one more question ..
I tried many times to install conio.h on linux generlly not only on zorin
but every time the gcc says the is not libarary with this name
(I don't remember the message)

is there a way for that also I use stdlib.h instead

From Wikipedia:
conio.h is a C header file used mostly by MS-DOS compilers to provide console input/output.[1] It is not part of the C standard library or ISO C, nor is it defined by POSIX.

This header declares several useful library functions for performing "istream input and output" from a program. Most C compilers that target DOS, Windows 3.x, Phar Lap, DOSX, OS/2, or Win32[2] have this header and supply the associated library functions in the default C library. Most C compilers that target UNIX and Linux do not have this header and do not supply the library functions. Some embedded systems or cc65 use a conio-compatible library.[3].

So it's a windows lib you're trying to install?

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many thanks M.R Storm you are really helpful

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