Upgrade to Zorin 16 from 15.3


How can I upgrade Zorin 15.3 to 16?
Is their any way direclty from 15.3 to proceed or I must download 16 and make an iso bootable USB drive?

Thank you

From what I have read thee is no upgrade at this time...new install needed.

OK thks.
Will it have this possibility to upgrade directly from the running OS in the near future?

Not totally sure but I read at some point after final version released you will be able to this summer


I understand the devs plan to provide update path from 15.3 to 16 but not yet. You will have to wait for production versions of Zorin 16 to be released, then maybe sometime after.


So it looks like 16 is out any day now - they've not said anything about upgrading though.

I read somewhere ( can't remember from where), that in the end of this year it will be possible.

Artyom addresses the upgrade path here:


I think the 15 to 16 upgrade is very important. Especially since a lot of us have paid for 15 ultimate. My plan at the moment is to back up my stuff and then upgrade to 16 when it is released and copy my stuff back and hope that all the software settings get copied.

In the interim is it possible you can give us a manual upgrade guide please?

  1. What to copy to your save drive
  2. How to get it to re-install all the software you have from the packages

I have 15 ultimate and will be immediately going for the pro version.

You can copy and save the essential folders from your Home Directory. Personal files like Documents, Pictures, etc.
And your hidden files like .config or applications specific folders. All I do is compress them, then save them in the safe location.

In terminal run

sudo dpkg -l | awk '/^ii/ { print $2 }' >package-list

Move the created file to Back Ups and then move it to the New Installation of Zorin OS.
In the new installation, open terminal and run

sudo xargs apt-get install -y < package-list

That will install along down the complete list of applications you have installed currently.


amazing thank you!

Okay ran a test of that. It includes a lot of OS packages so I guess I should remove them first.

Well, if you are installing on the next release of Zorin OS... It should just alert that it is the newest version and set it to manually installed.

Hi guys how to update from 15.3 to stable 16?

To move to the Next Release currently requires a Fresh Installation of Zorin OS 16.
You can download the latest Release here by scrolling to the Build you want:

Indeed to change from Z15.3 to Z16 today requires a fresh install, we believe the devs are planning a upgrade path from Z15.3 to Z16 that does not involve a reinstall. But that is for the future, not today.

Also it may be better to do a fresh install of the new version anyhow.

I was hoping to not have to do a fresh install, primarily after having some real difficulties with installing my Epson printer driver.
However...I've now got a spare hard disk drive (internal) that I could use, so could someone suggest how large a partition I should allow for the root/operating system files, for Z16 pro?