Upgrade Zorin 12 Ultimate To Newwer Version

Hello. My old "Pentium 4" PC is almost dead and I run "Zurin 12 Ultimate on it. I have a slightly newer PC (circa 2014, multi core) in my bedroom that runs Win 10. I never upgraded my old PC to a newer Zorin because the old system just worked and worked. Is it possible to convert my Zorin 12 Ultimate to a newer version of Zorin and install on my newer PC as dual boot. ? Thanks in advance.

Are you asking about a Direct Upgrade?

When you upgrade to the next major release, any packages that are no longer maintained may not work correctly or may not work at all. I do now know if you are using any packages that are no longer maintained, but it sounds from your post like an expectation of Keeping it your install of Zorin 12.4, but getting the New Release of Zorin 15 or 16.
Am I misunderstanding this question?

I backed up all of my important files yesterday as a precaution. My old PC died about 30 min ago. I can install Zorin on my newer (oldish) PC but I don't know what to install - 1) Do I install Zorin 12 Ultimate first, then try to upgrade to 15 then try to upgrade to 16. 2) Or is there a way to install the latest Zorin version and use my original Zorin 12 Ultimate license with the newest version

Ah, I see. You are asking about moving your Zorin Ultimate to the latest version.

Each Major Release of Zorin OS Ultimate or Zorin OS Pro is a new development cycle. Please remember that this is the ZorinGroups full time job. It is not a side gig.
As of Zorin OS 15, the Ultimate version was changed to the Zorin OS Pro version.

Funds from Zorin OS Pro support the continued development of Zorin OS.

In order to have a later version of Zorin OS Pro, you would need to purchase a copy.

However, you can install the Zorin OS 16.3 Core or Lite free version rather than purchasing Pro. You also can donate directly in any amount you wish without purchasing Zorin OS Pro here.

OK. Thank you for the information. I have down loaded the "core" version and will install. My old version was a work horse and never had any problems. I hope the new version is just as good as my old version.


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