Upgrade Zorin 16.2 core to 17 pro

I have downloaded the Zorin 17 pro iso image but cannot get any further with the upgrade. The system asks for a DVD disk, but the disk is clearly too small for the application. Can I burn the iso using e.g. Rufus to a usb and install from the usb?

You can read more here:

You can use Rufus or Unetbootin, there is no requirement to use Balena Etcher.

And don't forget Ventoy!

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Thanks to the people who replied. I used Balena and a USB. This worked seamlessly.
Why on earth do the instructions state a DVD disc which is obsolete and does not work?

The instructions in the above linked "Install Zorin OS" do not mention DVD.
Can you state where you found this instruction?
Can you post a screenshot so we can check.

Using a DVD is still a viable and valid method, though I would recommend usb USB due to drive capacity./ Many DVD's are too small to contain Zorin OS Pro, though they will work fine for Core or Lite.
I am also not sure where the instructions are that say to use a DVD. But user experiences can vary; it often comes down to using the method that works best for you.

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