Upgrade Zorin OS 17 Beta to Gnome 45

Hello! A few days ago a beta version was released for Zorin OS 17. Unfortunately it comes with Gnome 43!
Does anyone know how I can install Gnome 45?

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There is a process being developed by someone who wanted the same. He is going through the coloring and everything, in order to theme it as well. Check the Customization category for Customizing Zorin 17 Beta.

I hope you do realize you undertake this endeavor with the understanding that it very well could break your system, create instability and other such consequences of using a different DE, including data loss. All of which will be of your own accord.

Just saying.

Highly likely will break the system. To be honest I've Gnome 45 on my Fedora laptop. You're not missing anything - other than Gnome 45 comes with less options than 43.


This obsession with getting the latest no matter what is... mildly annoying.


Actually, Gnome 43 is the best release of the Gnome 4 series. 44 and 45 is big disappointment. Example the new nautilus in 44 and 45 is so unstable that it hurt to use.


I was using Gnome 45 on openSUSE and didn't have a single issue.

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We properly use our OS differently then.

Note that the person working on this wanted a GNOME 45-Compatible theme for other distributions, not for ZorinOS. Getting GNOME 45 on ZorinOS is a different thing.



Ok but there is a way to update quick menu settings because the gnome 43 doesn't include Bluetooth button and on gnome 44 adds Bluetooth button!I'm so bummed it's not that!

There's a Bluetooth button in Gnome 43. Here's a picture of mine:

Screenshot from 2023-12-09 01-33-59

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Can confirm @Storm, I have the Bluetooth button, too.

I mean that which does not exist!

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