Upgraded to 16 from 12 and GRUB no longer sees my Win10 install

Just updated to Zorin OS 16 from version 12 that was dual-boot installed with Windows 10. I had deleted the Zorin 12 partition and installed 16 onto it like it showed in the guide, but now I'm assuming GRUB won't see my Win10 install because I don't even get a selection window it just instantly boots into Zorin 16 each time. I really need access to that Win10 install (it's on its own partition on the same drive I use as my OS drive) as it has some work related software on it. I didn't touch it during the deletion of Zorin 12 and the install... so I'm wondering is there any way to get it to show up in a GRUB menu?

Change the GRUB Boot Priority

Ok just tried that, apparently GRUB was installed incorrectly and was giving the error of error: file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found

I then ran boot repair and got the error of legacywindows detected. So I continued the boot repair then went into BIOS and found Fast Boot was enabled so I disabled that and made sure the drive at the top of the list is the drive with Zorin 16 and Win10 installed.

However, now the GRUB shows up but only shows Zorin 16 as a boot option, no Win10. Any clue how to proceed?

Try here I'm no expert good luck.Boot problems.

Just to be sure, you are certain that you are using a 64bit computer, not 32bit, correct?

And you are using Legacy Boot, not EFI boot?

Yes to 64 bit
Yes to using Legacy Boot

Turns out it was all due to Fast Boot being enabled, and then when I fixed that GRUB didn't update so I just had to reinstall Zorin 16 again, which then updated GRUB to see Windows 10. Was able to get in and get access to all my stuff from there.

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