Upgrading 16 to 17 Pro -- the cost?

Just checking, if I read it correctly, even although I bought 16 Pro in September this year, I am now expected to pay again for 17?

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That is correct, a purchase for Pro is only valid within the current ZorinOS version. I know this seems unfair to you right now due to the timing, but Z16 continues to receive support and updates as normal and until 2025 so you don't have to update right away if you don't want to.

Also, most of the niceties you get from a Pro license can be obtained separately on your own. The main goal is to help supporting the ongoing development of the project.


Oh dear. I don't object to paying for products but a new version less than three months in and full price. No thanks.

I'm out of Zorin. Shame I can't gift my licence


Zorin OS releases are not three months apart.

What you can do is message the ZorinGroup directly using the contact form from when you purchased Zorin OS 16 and request to transfer your purchase to Zorin OS 17 at a discount due to the short term of purchase prior to release.

It can be helpful to follow the Zorin OS Newsletters to have an idea of when to expect the nest edition to be released.


Thanks. I appreciate the releases are not 3 months apart. I am sure they have been working on this for some time. They would have known in Sept that a new version was coming. That is more my point. In other purchases I have made there is a note that major updates in the next x months are included.

I subscribe and received the latest Newsletter on 15th that v17 was coming but that all I've had.


I understand the feeling, I also bought a Pro license when I first found out about ZorinOS 15 and short after there was a new one available. The way I see it, I didn't actually lose anything and I could still use the Core version which has everything that I need either way.

Reaching out to the developers may be helpful, if anything to bring this issue up. I agree that it should be mentioned somewhere in the newsletter or during the purchase. I've warned others here on the forums who have asked about this timing issue, it's only fair that all the cards are on the table to make good decisions.


What about this? Upcoming Versions of Zorin OS Pro - Zorin Help

While I do understand the disappointment,

  1. Zorin OS 16 does not stop working as 17 is released—instead, it will continue to receive updates for several years.
  2. As with all things in life, purchasing decisions should not be made without a minimum of thought and research—the upcoming release of Zorin OS 17 has been the talk of the town for several months now all over social media.

That said, it would certainly be nice if there was some kind of grace period as offered by many software products in varying time frames. But that's up to the Zorin brothers, of course.

As has been said before, contacting them will not hurt anything. I remember missing deadlines in the past for the upgrade of other software and, upon asking nicely, the sellers were usually able to accommodate me in one way or another.

It would be nice to offer your previous supporters a discount on the upgrade. Also might be disingenuous to suggest “all” of the niceties are available for download to the basic version. The desktop themes/ special layouts don’t seem to be downloadable …..

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The desktop themes are downloadable, but you are correct that the layouts are not.

Layouts are operated with a script - so a person that knows how can recreate the layouts (or make new ones of their own) free of cost.
To quote the statement that this appears to be addressing:

It does not say "all", it says most. It does not say downloadable, it says obtainable.

It can be very helpful to use the Quote Feature on responding to posts because if at a glance, something was misinterpreted, it can help having that quote in your reply for re-reading and clarifying what you thought you saw it say at first.


Talking about supporting the Dev's, are we there yet? :rofl: upgrading 16.3 Pro to 17 Pro I mean? :innocent:

I am more than satisfied with the work that the developers do with Zorin OS and for me it is a fair price because I use it every day in my work, in addition, it is one of the most stable that I have used after trying more than 7 Linux distributions Furthermore, I am very afraid after watching many videos of how Windows 11 is easily hacked, so I think that the price of receiving constant updates is worth it :slight_smile:


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