Upgrading from C15 to C16


I'm using Zorin Core 15 already for few months and I'm really happy with it as i have needed something what can easily boot from external drive, where you can easily encrypt and something what looks decent out of the box.

So all good here - however when i was first installing the OS, the Core 16 simply could not be deployed on the USB stick, once etched - the stick was not recognized for boot, so i had to go back a bit to Core 15 no complains - but the newer version looks even bit better so i would like to try that with the new build number 4.

However -> i don't want to loose all my settings and configs so the big questions is is there any official or unofficial guide how to upgrade?

I know how to do this manually and i have NAS where i could backup all my fstab configs, etc.... but i really dont want to burn my time on this. I'm looking for 2hr job, tops.

Thank you!

See the post by Artyom Zorin here:


Sounds good, any timeline - plan for the upgrade path?

In case you would need any help with it let me know even as I said I'm not willing to spend too much on this - myself, in case there is a project opened which can help wider audience I'm also willing to invest myself.

I have 20+ years of IT experience, mainly in ops, with heavy focus on nix systems but i can also help out with project management if needed as this is my current focus.

Hi, I'm just a forum volunteer, I don't work for the project. It's still early days yet. :wink:

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I hoped that we are already in the post kick-off days :smile:

ok, lets see where this will move in the upcoming months.

Welcome to the forum first off! Been with my little bit of knowledge of Zorin and the small group of brothers that work hard to build and maintain, that things due to ability to reach goals is pushed back. No fault on them as the project requires time and the workforce is limit in size. I would if I had gamble that it will be the next version 17 before you see it. If then. Lite is finally being seen at the end of the tunnel. :wink: And many are waiting on that version.

But IMHO the distro is Well worth it's wait. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:I know you have tech experience but many of us don't ...and that is what is nice about OS

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@Aluzcz welcome to the forum.

The devs do read the forum regularly, but do not participate for the most part. We actually rarely ever hear from them. We know they are paying attention though due to the features that have been added both to the forum as well as the OS.

You could backup your home directory, as well as any pertinent app config files that aren't included in home. There are many members that use a home partition, myself included, which mitigates the reinstallation experience, along with a helpful tutorial in the tutorials & guides section, found here, can cut your install time way down...i can usually do it in about 45 minutes, with apps. This of course has a lot of factors (cpu, ram, drive size... etc).

Until the direct upgrade, there really isn't much in the way of options. I hope this information is of some use to you and look forward to seeing you around the forum.

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