Upgrading/Installing to Virtualbox 6

Hello. I have Zorin 15.3 running on my laptop. I very much need to be running Virtualbox 6+, but can’t get my Zorin install to upgrade from virtualbox 5. Anyone know how to upgrade Virtualbox from 5 to 6 on Zorin 15? Thank you.

Version 5 is tested on Zorin. You can install 6 but be prepared that there may (or may not) be issues.
I recommend uninstalling 5 using Synaptic.
Download 6 for Ubuntu 18.04 here.
Install with sudo dpkg -i <filename.deb>

Hello acatejr,
have you seen this tutorial on linuxbuzz??? I have used a search engine to find your solution and this was one of the first search results. I hope it helps?

Good Luck :-)))

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