Upgrading to Zorin 17 core inside Oracle VirtualBox 7.0

I'm trying to upgrade Zorin core from 16 to 17 as a guest OS inside Oracle VirtualBox 7.0. However, the process seems to be stuck on "Checking upgrade requirements" step. I've let it run for several hours, but it doesn't seem to move. Zorin 16 has been running fine as a guest OS in VirtualBox.

Did you first follow the guide here?:

Personally I prefer Virtual Machine Manager but is tricky to install and work on Windows. Are your running VB in a Linux distribution or Windows?

I'm running VirtualBox inside Windows 10.

I think I followed all the steps. Ran checks for upgrades on all apps.

I went through all the steps and ran the upgrade again. This time it worked. I'm up and running on Zorin 17 core in VirtualBox.


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