Upgrading zorin os 16.3 to 17 AC plug error

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Hi, I am on desktop, obviously my PC is connected on AC. Why can't I upgrade? Is there a way to bybass this error? thank you!

Test unplugging the notebook computer and letting the battery drain enough that it shows when it is taking a charge, then plug in the charger and immediately runt he Upgrader.
Please relay the results.

it's a desktop PC ... I can't unplug the battery.. thanks..

Ah, I skimread... See what I get for that.

Zorin Upgrader is misreading computer power source.

Have you rebooted before trying the upgrader again?

I did

Is there a way to fix that or am I ''stuck on '' zorin 16.3. thanks

There is an --allow-release-candidate parameter that can be used. However, I would not try this approach.
I would recommend waiting for the ZorinGroup to address this issue as it relates directly to the behaviors of the Zorin Upgrader application.

Okay, thank you so I understand I must just wait?

I think waiting for the ZorinGroup to examine this is the best bet. Speaking for myself, I am at a complete loss as to why the upgrader is detecting a battery when you are on PC.

Another user did report an odd issue that his computer is sluggish and slow when his notebook computer is plugged into the A/C at boot. Unplugged, everything is fine. This implies it may be the kernel at fault with a bad register on battery reading.

Okay, didn't quite catch your last sentence (new zorin user), but I guess I should wait for the more stable updater

I meant that the driver in the kernel is not properly reading the power supply.

what can I do then?

is there any solution atm?

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