Uploads of Zorin OS 16.2 r1 .iso files

Just a heads up that we're currently uploading newly-revised Zorin OS 16.2 .iso files with the "-r1" suffix. They include minor software updates over the original 16.2 .iso files released in October, most important of which are the latest NVIDIA version 525 graphics drivers out of the box.

We decided to upload this interim release because the new NVIDIA version 525 drivers add compatibility for the NVIDIA RTX 4080 and other newly-released graphics cards. With them, it will now be possible to install Zorin OS on newer computers with this hardware.

All of these improvements – including the NVIDIA version 525 graphics drivers – are now available as standard to all existing Zorin OS 16 users through the Software Updater, so you won't need to re-install Zorin OS 16.2 from the new r1 .isos to take advantage of them.


Should Zorin OS provide free support to those wealthy enough to afford the latest Nvidia graphics?

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