Upside-down desktop orientation after fresh install

I have Googled to no avail, this is where I’m at; fresh install of Zorin OS 15 based on ubuntu 18.04.
I just finished installing emby and started transferring media and my machine locked up tight until the transfer was complete.(not good, i just ditched my windows 10 box) but also turned my desktop upside down.
Not sure where to start as Google doesn’t mention anything of help so far…frustration is setting in bc my computer was fine other than it being windows os before I tried Zorin, everything I read before I backed up and installed a new os was very positive and I would like, very much to be a part of those happy people. Any help on this would be so appreciated.

Edit: I should mention that logging out and back in worked for a whole 12 seconds…

Edit:Edit: In a fit of curiosity I rotated my laptop, whataya know…right side up.
The question now remains, why?

Which version of zorin os are you using?

Try this:
Go to the menu, search "display" and open that.

what is the selected option in "rotation"? if it is left or something else, change it to none.

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If you happen to need them, some additional suggestions:


The newest version as of 12.29.20 which should be, ZorinOS 15 based on ubuntu 18.04 LTS, if I’m not mistaken.
I’m really liking the way this OS feels and after a couple days of clicking this-n-that, I found in the top right corner of the login screen a drop down menu with a half circle that resembles a screen-orientation setting.
I clicked it with excited curiosity, that was it! No more unwanted screen rotation/orientation, sadly though I cannot find a permanent solution :tired_face: and I’ll need to remember to click the screen orientation after reboot or lock the machine, and adjust the orientation each time…If that’s all I have to do, I’ll be fine which is I suspect this won’t be high up on the totem pole of issues to address.
Thank you for your input sir.
Gerry -

These are great nuggets! Much appreciated. :blush:

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