Urdu language output

I want to write some documents in my local language which is Urdu but when i write something in Urdu it break down the words into many pieces

even if i read documents on internet the results is not good and i am unable to understand my language ,

windows is fully supported my local language but zorin cannot why ?

is there any way where i install fonts so the results which can better .?

i attach the output is totally unable to understand windows is far better than Zorin


I would appreciate if you could refrain from all capital posting. I might belong to the older generation, but such posting is not only consider as screaming but also difficult to read.

As for attaching a picture in your posting, it is better to directly paste it in your posting. To do so, click on the picture icon in the tool bar.

Most Linux users, including us volunteers in the forum are quite security conscious people and very reluctant to download files posted by someone we do not know.

Pasting is not working in this forum but i set the formating please take a look on it

In English language, chaptalizing each word is also wrong. It is equally difficult to read. Only chaptalize at the begging of the sentence and use capitals only for proper nouns.
I see you are non native speaker like myself, but on the English language forum, such small considerations could go a long way.

I am puzzled.
If you truly believe that way, why bother posting here?

Also please note that we are all volunteers here and no one is obliged to answer any and all questions you might have.

I understand i am not forcing you, you give me an answer , as you say focus on your editing ,i did ,I try as i can, still you blame me its OK not a problem.

Yes I am not a native speaker , I think this is not a English Class ,

I give my feedback and its my right if you think i bother you please ignore this thank you , I apologize for my act.

@johnalam Have you done a websearch for "Ubuntu 18.04 Urdu language" and see if that comes up with any helpful suggestions.
Edit: Substitute "Ubuntu 20.04 ..." if you have Z16 Beta.

I have been told that on Twitter (@ZorinOS) that help is sought for language translation for ZorinOS 16. Maybe you wish to contribute to that?

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I searched this via the web and found that some prefer the font fonts-nafees for Urdu language:

sudo apt install fonts-nafees

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