Urgent help required , blue screen error

Hey guys i just installed zorin os using my pendrive, and during installation i chose the option to install along side windows , now after installation i tried to boot in windows which was giving me an error

An blue screen , pic attached above . Can any one help me pls :pray: because i have important files in windows. I installed Zorin os 16 core

Recommend running Boot Repair first:
grub2 - Unable to boot into Windows after installing Ubuntu, how to fix? - Ask Ubuntu.

Is there any way to access windows files and folders through zorin os ?

Yes, there are several ways. The simplest being a simple hdd connection; by default, Zorin OS included ntfs-3g and can read files on an NTFS formatted drive.

Or by Samba share for a remote connection.

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I can't because the win and zorin is installed on SSD , any way to access through zorin like we access files from different win versions

I was always able to by opening the File Manager, looking in the Left Pane and selecting that partition.

Thank u :sparkling_heart::relieved: i was able to retrieve my files and and folders by going to other locations in file manager.

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