USB 2.0 Endoscope (unkown mfg.)

USB 2.0 Endoscope, unknown manufacture, bought years ago.
Plugged into USB 3 port: LEDs light up, no response from PC
Cheese, nope, VLC, likewise.
FWIW, Logitech 500Brio installed/functions well.
tried command prompt "lsmod":
long list screen grab(s) could be posted.
next, screen grab from from "lsusb"... did not see anything useful.
Next, "ls /dev/video*" with endoscope connected:
/dev/video0 /dev/video1
Unplugged endoscope: same same
driver CD (windows - "setup.exe")
with the hope of possibly finding a readme.txt file to discover manufacturer.
no dice.
driver package named "ViewPlayCap"

any ideas?

Update: Have discovered that this is:
Ezon A6L3 "2M USB endoscope"
Win7 drivers only :unamused: