USB connected display issue

Maybe my problem is related to this thread somehow...
So I have an older HP EliteDisplay S231d, which can connect to my laptop via USB 'A'. I looked it up in the forums and people suggested to download the so called and mentioned DisplayLink driver for Ubuntu from here:
DisplayLink driver for Ubuntu

It works, the screen is getting recognized once I plug in the USB, so all seems good, even the resolution is correctly set. However, the performance is so bad! :smiley: It's like you try to play Doom Eternal on your microwave.

So any suggestions? I have my many times mentioned Yoga 530 with AMD (Ryzen 5 2500U + Vega 8). I wish AMD would release a desktop application to manage such things.

Rather than necromancing :skull: one year old thread, I created a brand new :star2: thread for you.

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I appreciate your thanking note, but I am afraid you got my gender wrong :girl:

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Can you please detail your experiences a bit? Is it lagging? Tearing? Choppy?

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You mean this?
Play Doom on ATM

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Thank you! :smiley:

It is very laggy, something I have never experienced on this machine, expect when I installed Mechwarrior Online onto it. So even the mouse has serious lagging, everything works and is sharp and can handle when I close the lid, just the cause of the performance, it is completely unusable. And since I don't have nvidia GPU, I have no idea why.

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I am still waiting your video for Microwave version :grin:

Can you please install dkms:

sudo apt install dkms

Then download the HP Drivers for the monitor:

(Scroll down and click accept to agree your soul in trade for the driver)
You can use sudo .run command: It would be sudo (full path to the driver file).run.

Yes, this how far I got:
*sudo ./ *
Verifying archive integrity... 100% All good.
*Uncompressing DisplayLink Linux Driver 5.4.1-55.174 100% *
*DisplayLink Linux Software 5.4.1-55.174 install script called: *
Distribution discovered: Zorin OS 16
WARNING: Version 1.9.1 of EVDI kernel module is already running.
Please uninstall all other versions of DisplayLink Linux Software before attempting to install.
Installation terminated.

I hate my life.

There-there, it is not that important to have this running mate, don't even trip! :wink:

It looks like the Kernel includes a module for the driver. But... it looks like a pretty old driver if those version numbers are accurate at all...
Blacklist it - fine... But that terminal prompt says you must remove the driver. Which... I would not recommend cutting a piece out of the kernel.

I'm honestly not sure what to do to approach this one.

I found this workaround, which does not seem to work for me:

I'll search for more.

The moment you do so, you have a 50/50 chance of getting a kernel panic.

I love the honesty.

Yup, and I also found this:

So what I would do is to check if I can use a Displayport adapter, but it was not working on Windows10, I doubt it will start working on Linux. but worth a try. :wink:

No, it does not work. I give up. One day Displaylink will solve this, until then, we wait. :smiley:

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