USB Drive disappears after sleep

I have two hard disks mounted in a Calvary USB 3.0 dock connected to my Zorin tower. This works well. However, the drives are no longer mounted after the tower sleeps. Sometimes I can get them to reappear by cycling power on the dock, but often not. I must re-boot the machine. I have tried connecting to both 3.1 and 3.2 sockets. The experience is the same. Is this a known problem? Are there settings to change?
Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate
ASUS Prime B450M-A motherboard
AMD Ryzen cpu

Does this help ?

Thanks again, carmar. Alas, it did not help.

Maybe this could help:

The symptoms in the post are similar, but not the same. My ports are not disabled after sleep. The mouse and keyboard never fail to function. My drives have disappeared. They are no longer mounted. Thanks for continuing to pursue this issue.

Another suggestion:

This also seems to be ports not awakening. Mine wake-up. I will study the lines a bit more. I need to understand them better before/if I issue them.

New clue: My Calvary USB drive dock holds 2 drives. Last night, I removed one of the hard drives leaving one hard drive. This morning when I awoke the machine, the single hard drive was still mounted.

Can you check USB settings in BIOS? Maybe toggle between some states?

I’m going to close this one out. Since I removed one of the drives from my dual-bay usb 3.0 Calvary disk dock, the remaining drive has remained mounted. I have had issues in the past with other machines with certain devices connected through a USB hub. I think there must be a hub built into the drive dock in order to support 2 drives with one USB port.

Update: For awhile, the single drive in the drive dock was still mounted when I would awaken the machine, but not anymore. There is an on/off button on the dock. To get the drive mounted again, I switch the dock off and back on. The drive promptly mounts. There is still only one drive mounted in the dock … the same one that was staying mounted for awhile.