USB EXT4 Drive not available for an other user

Hi to all,
Maybe this is a stupid question, so please be nice to me :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Zorin with 2 users: user2 has formatted an usb drive in Ext4 and put a file, but when I log in as user1 I can not even mount the drive.

What was wrong?
Any settings to make a Ext4 drive working for multiple user?

Thanks in advance

It's not a stupid question but it has a complicated answer. Sometimes the best medicine is formatting the drive as NTFS. :frowning:

A better option would be to format it as FAT which is commonly used for usb drives and external storage hard disks.


as user Elegant_Emperor has said the best way to use a usb is to format with something like gparted use MS-DOS formatting scheme and use it as a FAT/FAT32 filesystem which is what most USB's come formatted as out of the box.

I suggest logging into the user who formatted the drive right click on the file > properties or highlight it and use ctrl+i and go to the permissions tab and make sure all groups are set to create and delete files.

You might find that it only has user1 able to access files or in your case not able to see mounted drive so you could change the permissions before you wipe the drive and see if that works.

If it doesn't copy the file over in the user who formatted the USB drive then reformat drive with filesystem above and then copy file over and check permissions of the file when on the USB drive.

If nothing above works feel free to come back to us :slightly_smiling_face: we'll be here but hopefully it will be fixed :grin:

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Just an FYI - I recommended NTFS since FAT32 doesn't support files with sizes bigger than 4GB. For example, you'd not be able to save the Zorin OS 16.1 Pro iso file on an external drive formatted as FAT32. The main issue with NTFS is it's not 100% stable with Linux (so I've read).

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