USB Interface can record but no sound thru speakers

I've had this issue with another flavor of Linux, and still have the same issue here in Zorin. The exact issue is that when I play a LP on my turntable it can record into Audacity with no problem with either one of my two USB interfaces (Novation Audiohub 2x4 and Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen). The main problem is that I cannot get any sound from my speakers through my Schiit Modi 3. My Modi 3 is connected to a Schiit Loki connected to a Behringer mixer to my Starving Student II tube headphone amp and then to my powered Klipsch speakers. I can play music through a browser fine, but nothing when playing an LP. I've searched for this similar issue but can't find anyone with the same issue I have. I've went through all the settings and ALSA mixer and other apps, but nothing works. All this works in Windows 11, but not here in Zorin 17. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



what does it show under the Output tab when using the LP turntable?

You have quite a complex setup there...

My Output Device is Analog Output - Schiit Modi 3. When I Test it in the Settings it works fine through both speakers. It plays everything else fine through YT and through RhythmBox. It's only when I play an album from my turntable I get no sound at all. It records to Audacity just fine. It's probably some stupid setting somewhere odd that's so different from Windows.

This may seem silly, but have you run

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade


Check alsa (While playing sound from turntable):


and see if any speaker channels are muted with a (MM) notation beneath their bar.

I ran the upgrade and there is no MM beneath any bar. Nothing is muted either. When I push a F6 in the alsamixer and select my Scarlett 2i2 USB it shows: "This device does not have any controls". I tried playing an album on my turntable and still nothing. It shows it's recording in Audacity from my album, but no sound. I'm not a total newbie to Linux as I've only played around with various versions since 2005, but I've never ran anything on a long term or permanent basis. I can run the terminal as long as I can copy and paste a command. In Windows there's an option to select the USB interface so it can be listened to when using the USB interface, but there's no option like that here in Linux.

I have trouble understanding your setup, too. A lot of things can go wrong here depending on how you connected everything. Would you mind drawing us a little diagram? It would be very helpful to understand the signal path.
For example, how come you have two DACs connected at once? USB interface and the Schiit Modi? That wouldn't really work.
And then, how is your turntable connected?
Maybe we can be able to help once we understand your setup a bit better.

Like I've said before all this works fine in Windows with no issues. My turntable is connected to my phono preamp, then to my USB interface to my computer. My Schiit Modi is connected to my computer via USB. It's connected to my Schiit Loki equalizer, looped through my Behringer mixer then to my Starving Student tube headphone preamp/amp for clipping control. My powered Klipsch speakers are connected to my Starving Student tube headphone preamp/amp. It may sound confusing for someone who may not be stereo minded, but this is how I listen to my music on my computer. Everything works fine except that I get no sound from my setup when playing an album from my turntable. It shows playing as it records into Audacity just fine, but no sound through my speakers. Nothing is muted in the Sound settings. Nothing shows from the VUE meter when looking at the Schiit Modi 3 while playing an album. I was having this issue when I was trying out Linux Mint and I couldn't figure it out either. My goal is to eventually move over to Linux from Windows since it may move to a subscription only OS when Win 12 comes out (nothing official from MS yet, but there are many indicators showing it may lead to that). I can play music on FooBar2000 and videos on YouTube with no issues. It's only when I play an album from my turntable. I'm hoping I won't have to upgrade to the newer Scarlett 2i2 4th Gen. I can hear my album playing on the headphone jack on my interfaces, but that doesn't work for listening to my speakers.

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Here's how my setup is connected. I hope this helps.

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Well, after several days of research and installing and uninstalling several apps I'm finally listening to music from my albums spinning on my turntable! I finally got coppwr (Pipewire) to work with alsa. It took a bit to get it configured and after a reboot and making the connection it worked! I made the connection from my Scarlett USB interface to my Schiit Modi 3 and BAM! I've got music! I watched several videos on YouTube about the use of PipeWire and after reading through several pages of Zorin forums I figured it out. For knowledgeable Linux users this was probably a no-brainer, but I'm mainly a Windows user. I'm looking to eventually move to Linux as a main OS since Windows may become a subscription service although it hasn't been confirmed by MS, yet! Thanks for the help!


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