USB ports remain powered after shutdown

Hi Guys! I do NOT want my USB ports to remain powered after shutdown. It was never an issue until 2 days ago I installed Zorin OS 16 pro, and now I can't figure out how to make it stop. It is really annoying, especially with my SEGATE Portable Hard drive, as after shutdown is remain powered. Any solutions for this? Thanks

This is a feature, as some users want to be able to still use the port for phone charging and things like that. You can usually disable it in the BIOS / EFI settings of your motherboard.


Thanks! Understand. I am not good with BIOS/EFI settings. Any chance you could expand on this? Thank you again

If I could... I would gladly... I can help you search, at best.
This is Manufacturer specific. It is not an OS thing, but a Computer thing.
If you list out your Year Make and Model machine, we can try searching for specifics. Offhand, I would guess it to be under Power Management Settings.

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Sorted! For your future reference guys, check this link how to disable in BIOS settings: [Motherboard] How to disable standby power of the USB connected device | Official Support | ASUS Global steps: 1-6 only. It worked like a charm. Thanks @Aravisian