Usb problem

It only allows me to configure mount options.

I really don't know whether to give the usb for dead, since it does not appear in the file explorer, I was lucky that at least the gnome disk application recognized it

With the USB plugged in, does it appear as a /dev/sdb device in


No. Usb is not supported, that says gnome disk

At least in ask ubuntu I have not seen a solution, I don't know whether to give up the usb for dead...

have you tried changing USB ports? On my (new, even) computer, the front USB port sometimes requires I jiggle the stick in it for it to read.

Are you plugging into a USB Hub device?

There are many ways to try recovering a USB stick thought to be dead both on Windows and Linux. If you search the issue, you will doubtless get a million hits for Companies offering that as a service - at a very steep price. You can ignore those completely.

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