USB unmounting message

I’ve been getting this error after the first time I click the power button on Disks (as instructed by Swarf here). Then the device shows as mounted after that. When I click the button a second time, the device is unmounted. This two-time-clicking only happens for a 123 gb san disk ultra pen drive. My other usb drives don’t give problems. Also, this just started happening recently. I reformatted the san disk to Ext4 (Linux option) and it still gives the same error message. Can’t figure out why it started to act up. Thoughts?

Hi, I always leave the file system on the thumb drives as is - biggest I have is a 64 Gb Patriot drive. The only file system i use is FAT32 for MultiSystem use. :wink:

Thanks, swarf, I’ll do that in the future. This one has been formatted many times already. It has been doing less of that message but still does once in a while. Random.

Hmm! Formatted many times eh? Remember it is the same as an SSD - the more re-writes the shorter the life of the stick! :wink:

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:astonished: I didn’t know that.