USB WiFi adapter (Netgear A6200) not working


I installed Zorin OS 16 Core yesterday and everything seems to work fine except the wifi, i use usb wifi dongle which worked perfect on Windows 10 but its not working in Zorin OS, when i run lsusb command, it shows

Bus 003 Device 018: ID 0846:9050 NetGear, Inc. A6200 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Adapter [Broadcom BCM43526]

I tried installing Ndiswrapper and also tried all the options in other forums and threads but nothing worked.
Could anybody help me fixing this issue?

With a wired connection, try the first two command lines posted here: wireless - Installing driver for USB wifi adapter - completely lost - Ask Ubuntu

PS - you mention trying other steps from other online suggestions. It would help if you listed them (besides ndiswrapper).

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