USB wifi adapter random disconnect and slow speed

Good Evening,
I have recently installed Zorin and I am currently having a few troubles with my wifi. Sometimes it randomly disconnects and won’t reconnect until I restart my computer, and when it is working I only get around 4Mbps of download. This is usually 50-100… I am using a USB adapter for my wifi.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not at my PC now so I’m going off memory. Can you check Settings->Power to see if there is a USB suspend setting? I can’t recall. If there is then try it with it turned off.

Thanks for your reply.

Yep I found that earlier and turned it off but it’s still no better…

Does the adapter manufacturer provide linux drivers?

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I’ve managed to dig out an old adapter and this seems to be working fine, thank you for your efforts though.

If you could post the details - make / model - of the adapter giving you problems it will let other people know of potential issues with that particular make / model.


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