USB WiFi BT Adapter for Win/Linux- Suggestions needed

I have started having problems with my internal WiFi (Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter) on one of my Laptops. The Broadcom adapter seens to dislike keeping contact with new router I now have from my ISP, despite trying channel changes etc.

I have plugged in an old Edimax 802.11n USB Adapter as a stopgap. That seems more reliable but is only 2.4GHZ, no 5GHZ.

Does anyone on here use one of the inexpensive WiFi/Bluetooth combo USB dongles that are now available on Amazon/Ebay?
For me that would be a perfect solution if it worked reliably. Any advice appreciated.

Hello there Zaba!

I am going to have to recommend this one, as it supports all operating systems including Linux.
Dual 5G Antenna WIFI Adapter

It has dual 5GHZ antennas, which provide for a strong signal. It supports Linux. And it uses a USB 3.0 connection. Be careful when reading the SPECS on the page however. They state that in 5G mode, you can get 867 megabytes per second, but that is pure marketing.

USB 3.0 has a max throughput of 5 gigabit per second or AKA 625 megabytes per second theoretical download rate, which is still awesome! In order to achieve anything remotely close to their MAX SPEC, the unit would have to utilize USB 3.1 standards.

And even though they state that you can plug it into a USB 2.0 or 1.1 port, total BS. Because if you plugged it into a USB 2.0 port, the best theoretical speed you can expect is a download rate of 60 megabytes per second, which will bottleneck the heck out of your network/internet connection.

And I wouldn’t plug it into a USB 1.1 port, (if you even have a computer that old), unless you want to see what a computer crash looks like lol. So, I would recommend that one, let us know how it works out for you.

@StarTreker . Thanks for the reply. That one looks like it has been inspired by American Football Posts :smiley: It does not have Bluetooth though. I am looking at WiFi BT combo USB adapters, as the internal adapter never had BT only Wifi n.

Yeah I don’t have any experience with combo adapters. My only recommendation for that, is just be sure it supports Linux. Another option is to buy them separately, if you can’t find a good rated combo.

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I have used this one on 2 pc’s: TP-Link Nano USB Wifi Dongle 150Mbps High Gain Wireless Network Adapter.

On a desktop & laptop - both have 100%. Zorin & Linux Mint OS’s.

However, I would assume 5G makes everything quicker?

When your within close range of the router, 5G bandwidth makes your network connection far faster, which is great for file transfers. For the internet however, your naturally limited to the speed of your net.

Thanks guys. I am getting by using an old 2.4GHz dongle I found in my junk box. That is working much better than the Broadcom 2.4GHz 802.11n internal wifi card. It has a 3dBi antenna which helps with signal strength. I am am still researching 802.11ac+BT combo dongles but reviews seem mixed. Most use Realtek chips e.g. RTL8821CU and RTL8822BU. 5GHz band and BT would be good, but I’m not in so much of a hurry now I have reliable (touch wood) wifi.

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You know, one of these days, were going to knock on that wood, and its going to collapse. And when that happens, were going to have that look on our face like, oh no. Then by the end of the day, our car is in the river, and were standing on the shoulder, realizing, it was at the end, that we BEEEP’d up.

I’m just joking around with ya :joy:

The movie phrase “do you feel lucky punk” comes to mind. All good. The old adapter is still working well. They don’t make them like that anymore. The finger/wood interface trick …er…works (touch wood):grinning:
If it does go :boom: then I will just have to rely on next day delivery in lockdown.

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Just being able to plug into a USB and have it auto detect was huge. Tried a dongle that even though it was detected it the USB, wouldn’t connect. I’m more than pleased with the ones I have.

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