USB writing app (MintStick) request

Ok so i have small brain, can you explain what's efi mode? Should have asked u sooner.

I thought you new it already :sweat_smile:

It is how you set your m/b BIOS.
EFI mode = non-legacy mode.

How to set it depends on the particular m/b, but in my desktop, I have to disable CSM (Compatibility Support Module) to enable EFI mode.

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Ouh i have a computer with uefi wait. Um help i fried my monitor. So i think its dead. I need to find another monitor i guess we have couple laying around

@FrenchPress very bad news since this pentium r machine was my only pc with a uefi i dont think i can get u the results. My acer monitor died cuz i broke the cable a must have short circuit or smthg.

Is there a way to like emulate having a UEFI? I got an idea, I can move my TV

I have never experienced monitor got broken by the cable.
It is more like the cable is broken and you got no signal, no?

I thought the machine of that vintage was legacy-BIOS only.

As far as I know, it is not possible.

I am extremely busy at the moment but I will check out Popsicle myself when I got time.

Thanks for your cooperation and I hope that the problem is with your cable not the monitor.

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Great News it works, I ran sudo efibootmgr and the output

Picture of my TV

Keep in mine even though I said mine there basically not mine, there my parent's so...

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can you boot into Zorin live session from there?

Yes I can everything works normaly, I've also added a 120GB hardrive and the installation is slow like normal but works perfectly fine. Now I just need to carry the TV upstairs I guess, good thing my parents are asleep. And also my TV produce very smelly plastic smells!!!

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Thanks for reporting.
Popsicle seems very promising, like many apps made by System 76.

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Rufus, in windows, does produce a bootable live image on usb. I used the latest rufus, chose gpt and iso write method (not dd). It placed it in an ntfs partition, without option to change. It booted though.

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