USB writing app (MintStick) request

After managed to corrupt 2 new UBS sticks using Etcher :scream:, I decided go back to MintStick which I had been using a while ago in Mint XFCE.

I looked around in Software, but I did not see it :frowning:

Is it possible to include this app in Software?
One great feature of MintStick is that it can also format USB as well writing a image.

I believe the application author is responsible for adding their application to the Software app listing.
But on a similar note, today I found about this amazing program called Ventoy. One click, and your USB stick is prepared to have as many images as you want on it. You can just drag and drop your .ISO files on it and you can boot whichever OS you have. I'm loving it. It even has support for persistent storage. No need to reformat and re-burn the images onto the USB. I can drag and drop and still use it as a regular USB. It's pretty cool!


Thanks for explaining the system of Software app listing.
I always thought that it is up to the distribution to decide which app goes into the listing. One more new thing to learn today.

I looked at Ventoy and it looks very impressive. I might give t a try when I am in the mode of distro hopping next time.


The majority of Linux users/ power users i have encountered swear by unetbootin, because if it's reliability and both Linux and window versions being similar. Etcher should be avoided, even though it's recommended by the Zorin team, because it bricks usb sticks more often than making reliable images. In
Windows rufus has been an easy and reliable solution. Please let us know your experience with ventoy so we can add reliable options for users.

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Following your suggestion, I also installed Unetbootin.

But I was not so sure if I can write img file with it. So I also installed MintStick.

I have about a dozen of Raspberry Pi running in our household (Pi-hole, volumio, openmediavault, WordPress, cups server, etc.) and writing img file on microSD is indispensable function to me.

I also find Unetbootin does not take a Zorin desktop theme and fonts are bit too small for my ageing eyes :face_with_monocle:


@FrenchPress I personally use popsicle created by system 76. I haven't tried it on Zorin Os yet

I found a review on my favourite blog site:

The multi-writing function looks very useful.

It would be great if you could test it and see if it can boot Zorin 16 in a live session (for which many USB writers failed) :slight_smile:


Tried it and it works well, the reason I like popsicle is because it's litterally so easy to use.
Popsicle with ZorinBlue-Dark theme:
Screenshot from 2021-09-04 16-53-48
So I tried it on Zorin Os 16 Core with Sandisk CruzerBlade 32 Gb, works just like it should.

Can you boot into a live session (in EFI mode)?
That is where you see the problem.


I never heard of Popsicle app, so following this with interest.

I have heard it is used in "Linux installation party" where participants will be given a live USB installer.
Instead of wiring one USB stick at a time, you can write as many USB sticks within the limit of number of USB ports of the system.

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Just asking you the question one more time.
Did you actually managed to boot from this USB you made with Popsicle?
I am dying with curiosity.

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Ok so the cruzer blade was taken by my dad to work, idk will he be like: huh why can't I write stuff to it? huh why Windows saying it's corrupted? *very confused.

Let me see can I find another drive.

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Your dad is experiencing the peril of having a live-in hacker at home. I think my husband can share that feeling with your dad :wink:


I found a Kingston 16Gb USB under a cabinet. I always manage to find USB everywhere

So you going to test with it?
Do not forget to report the result back here.

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Ok sure I will report everything here

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I saw DasGeek talk about Ventoy.


I heard about ventoy haven't used it tho

One more project for you!
We are eager to here back from you :wink:

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