User Identification "remember this decision" remembers the wrong certificate

Hi all,
I just installed in Zorin a NFC Reader + added correctly the security device in Firefox. This is used by entering a website. All ok :ok_hand:

However in my case, I have 2 people entering with 2 different cards (1 each)

When person1 log in in this web site (with the NFC card + pin), a pop up appear and Firefox asks to confirm the certificate. However the option "remember this decision" is flagged by default.
User ID Req

If person1 keeps the option set, then person2 can not longer log it the same website anymore. :angry:
Even with the person2 card in the NFC Reader, Firefox triggers for person1 Certificate + asking person 1 PIN and not the person2's ones.

To make it work again, I have to manually remove all the "Autentication Decision" under "View Certificate".
However this is really annoying as person1 an person2 not only are not familiar to do so, but I also do not want they do it.

I found many posts (also quite old, like 10 years ago) which describe this problem (or a similar one) , but they seems all unsolved

Does someone here has any idea to:

  • Option 1) force Firefox to trigger the correct certificate based on the person card in the NFC reader
  • Option 2) at least remove the "Remember this decision" default tick in the pop up (which will also solve the problem)

Thanks in advance,

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