User lock on zorin where user cannot download anything without administrator password

I wanted to set a user password so that any standard user cannot download anything on my pc without administrator password

Actually my brother has standard user account and cannot download anything from the zorin app Store but he downloads and installs from chrome.

So I want to see if something can stop him from download anything from anywhere without administrator password (that's me)

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This is the best I can help you with...

I have never seen a password field in Chrome to prevent downloads. But you can choose settings in Chrome to adjust how things can be downloaded or not. Maybe all that can still be helpful?

You can set everyone to run with the permissions read and execute... anytime it wants to write something it will ask for a password. This may backfire though because of cookies and cache files... making it impossible to surf. There should be a way though considering Chrome is probably setup to work in a corporate environment (enterprise security). You could also look at the processes as you download and may be able to autokill the process or block it at the firewall.

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I guess that will not work!

Yeah but I could not find anything like that.
Usually on windows I was able to control it but on zorin only installing from software app needs administrator password but you can download and install anything from chrome. So if you got a way to stop that .
Please tell me

Instead of autokill, before downloaded apps zorin should ask for administrator password, like on etcher.
But I guess for that for that installing should be Linked to the root access.

Can that happen if I put the downloaded app or folder on any "." Files like ".config",etc?

What about Zorin Parental Controls?

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what? what is that? please enlighten me!

I am sorry, I worded that badly. I had to look it up as I recall that coming up as a topic before.:

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