User password not working while trying to install driver

So just installed Zorin and so far pretty impressed. Small issue though. While trying to install my wifi adapter, I run the script, scrip loads then stops and displays;
“Authentication requested (root) for make clean:
su: authentication failure”
This is after I type in my user password I created during the install.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

@Drrakken Hi and welcome to the forum.
Question: which flavour of Zorin have you installed e.g. Core, Lite etc ?

As for password, first thing I would check is [CapsLk] is not accidently set.

Does your sudo password work OK for sudo commands in a terminal session?

I installed Zorin 15 Core, CapsLock is definitely not on and I can do sudo commands with my user password in terminal with no issues. Weird huh?

Can you please post the exact commands you are entering that lead up to the authentication error?
We shouldn’t be seeing “su” in use on an Ubuntu derivative; I am wondering if that was shortened for posting or what was actually said in the terminal.

Sorry for the late response. Looks like I first had to install make? Anyway, the install finished but for some reason I still can’t get my wifi adapter to get recognized by the system. It’s a USB Wise Tiger RTL8811AU, if you happen to have any info or pointers, please do let me know. I’ve already Googled and followed several step by steps with no luck yet.

You may need to install git, first

sudo apt install git

And, dkms so that you do not need to reinstall the driver everytime you upgrade your kernel

sudo apt install dkms

Clone the realtek driver from the hub

git clone

Then change your terminal directory into the directory you just cloned into your home folder

cd rtl8812au

Now, install:

sudo ./

The above instructions are for the Kernel 5.0.0 and up, which if you are keeping your Zorin OS Updated, you should be on 5.4.0-66 or so.