User's backgrounds folder path

When I set as background a picture that I downloaded a folder named Backgrounds has been created on Pictures containing a copy of the downloaded picture but on this path it can be easily deleted by mistake. Wouldn't be safer if user's backgrounds are saved on another system subfolder rather than on Pictures?

Not really... I mean any folder in Home could be deleted by the vary same mistake.


I meant inside one that the user doesn't usually access to, if user's backgrounds are saved simply inside Pictures is easier that they can be deleted for mistake, then for me is more possible as I take screenshots frequently, they are saved on Pictures and after sending or sharing them I usually delete them and I can easily select the folder with my backgrounds for mistake.

By default, Backgrounds are stored in Root in usr/share/backgrounds

If the user creates new backgrounds, it is considered that Users Customization and is therefor stored in that users home account in /Pictures/Backgrounds

You can explore a variety of solutions to find what suits you best.
You could change the permissions of the /Pictures/Backgrounds folder.
Or set a script to automatically move background images to usr/share/backgrounds.


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