Using a used old ssd as an external drive

I have removed the ssd from my old laptop and want to use it as an external drive on my new laptop. The drive is partitioned into two sections but when I try it tells me that I am not the owner and cannot change permissions. The owner is root and the group is root. some help please

Have you formatted the drive upfront or did you just unplug it from the other computer and are attempting to use it directly?

One way of taking ownership of the individual partitions is to open the "Disks" program, select the external drive and partition you want to update, and the on the "additional partition settings" button choose the option "Take Ownership".

You'll see a prompt warning you about the operation. It should be fine to accept if you are not doing anything special with it, but take a minute to read and understand it.

By the way, please update your profile to specify which version of ZorinOS you're using:


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