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Hello guys wishing you all a good day :innocent:
How can I use emoji in the non-gtk apps like browsers like edge and brave
I can use it in gtk apps like mousepad and text editor etc by right-click or ctrl+.
How to accomplish it in the browser by just right-click or ctrl+. or by other key binding😃

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Gnomes Emoji Picker is a part of ibus and will only work on Native Linux Applications using GTK. It will not work on non-native, non-gtk applications.

You can add an emoji picker to Edge or Brave with a Chrome extension:

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So you are telling me that there is no way to get emojis on non-gtk apps other an using an extension

I am saying that the Gnome Emoji Picker will not work in non-gtk apps.
You may find this Video Guide helpful for setting up an Emoji Picker:

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