Using facebook app in linux without suggested pages

I use facebook(from browser) a lot, i'm follow important pages in it, but i hate it, because it's suggested me a lot of topic of pages, my question, does any one use facebook without that annoying suggested pages?

There are browser extentions I used to hide those from my facebook a while ago, they still might be available on youtube :thinking:


if u mean F.B purity, it's very good in that, but i notice he publish odd post in the groups which i follow.
if u mean ads ,there r a lot of extensions for that , i prefer ghostery.

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I meant everything, just use the one which works for you the best :wink:
b.t.w I don't remeber the names of So, many extentions.
Also, It is probably better to use modified apk's of facebook on android :thinking:


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