Using linux only without dual boot with windows is better?

I'm using linux dual boot with windows, i can now depend on linux only, so if I use linux only and uninstall windows, i will get more advantages( like performance or any advantages) or no changes will happen?

As far as performance goes, I don't think there are any advantages. The benefit will be that you'll have all the disk space available for Linux and that the bootloader screen to choose what OS to load will be gone, so it'll be a bit faster to startup.

I guess you can also consider the piece of mind knowing that Windows will not mess with the bootloader during some update?


Let me make it clear,
Once you start using Single Boot, You will have all the disk space committed towards a single OS and then you don't have to worry about complex file storage between two OS as @zenzen said. Also, you will not have to troubleshoot the problems caused by the neighboring OS :joy:

The System shows somewhat higher Performance than a dual boot PC according to my experience. Also, you also have the option to wipe the entire disk with all files, if needed in emergency :thinking:

If you are thinking of switching towards an entire Linux based system you will have the the following advantages :-

  1. Single Boot and Dual Boot Advantages
  2. Risk while Performing a Dual Boot

But, You surely need to handle your data safely during the switch.


Operating systems are tools and I happen to use Windows for work and some games. The rest of the time I use Linux, but I also have the operating systems on different drives. Be sure that you no longer need Windows before switching, there is nothing wrong with having different tools at your disposal if you really need them.

Many people make the switch to Linux in haste and then end up having to reinstall Windows because of something overlooked .You know best how you use your system and if Windows has nothing you need or want then go ahead and switch.


I don't need windows now, the only thing i need it in windows is live usb windows, Bootable Windows PE ISO To Boot, Recover ,format,And Repair , that tools in windows better than linux

I quit dual booting with Zorin OS and Windows for the simple reason that I don't use Windows at all anymore.

At one point I also quit dual booting entirely, even when I had only Linux distributions installed. It was too much trouble going back and forth just to try a feature, and ultimately I used one OS at the time anyway. Plus all the benefits listed already.

@eid, if you have the chance to use an older pc try to use that instead. Perhaps you can buy one that's used or refurbished. I agree that having a backup plan is a good idea, unless you are really sure.


I need Windows for some things where there is no Linux equivalent - for instance tax software, since I won't use a cloud based app for that. 16 Core and Windows 8.1 in Gnome Boxes works slick for those apps. When I need it, I run it up - but that's not very often anymore.

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all about works and needs , if i were using adobe apps(Photoshop,illustrator,etc) i will use windows or mac,
if i were using visual studio community or pro, i will use windows or mac
if i were using ms-office and i depend on it , i will use windows
in work environment I think it's difficult to depend on gimp or inkscape instead of adobe apps, and the same in ms-office

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