Using PDF Files on Zorin

I felt that I didn't want to clutter up the great tutorial made by swarfendor437

Thanks for such an informative post on PDF programs for Linux .... as I might have mentioned I am using Libre Office Writer as my daily driver and Master PDF Editor 5 as my PDF reader (I never use a PDF file for anything but to read)

However I do have occasion to need to insert numbers into a health care form I made to keep track of my lab test results which was done using Acrobat Pro ..... I can use the typewriter function to add these figures in Acrobat Pro with no problem .... (see form photos below)

Do you know if any of the programs you mentioned above have this feature ????? ..... Master PDF Editor 5 has this feature but doesn't allow me to insert the numbers into the squares or mainly to resize them so they will fit ....

I'm sure the paid program will work but I would rather not have to fork out $100+ just to use that one function .... for now I go back to Windows and use Acrobat Pro to add the changes .... that maybe the only thing I can do ....

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On the free version for Linux I got you could edit details. I will PM you in due course.

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Hi Frog,

Just PM'd you.

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